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SOUL RYEDERS Quarterly Newsletter: Spring 2022



Dear Community,

We are excited to share that one of our most essential programs, The Wig Exchange (TWE), has been going strong for 10 years! We loaned out our first wig in January of 2012. This was the first program SOUL RYEDERS developed and it has continued to grow with the help of the amazing volunteers, especially our incredible Wig Advisors.  

Our primary mission is to provide our clients with high quality wigs and tips for managing issues with cancer-related hair loss. We do this in a caring and confidential environment connecting each individual with one of our experienced Wig Advisors (all cancer survivors), who provide empathy, valuable information and insight.

Over the last 10 years, we have received an overwhelming number of wig donations from 38 states and 2 countries and have over 900 wigs in our inventory! Many of the wigs donated are brand new with the tags still on them and, for those that are gently used, they are professionally cleaned by a licensed hair stylist in New York State. To date, over 1,400 wigs have been loaned out!

SOUL RYEDERS The Wig Exchange 10 Year Anniversary

When the pandemic hit, we had to strategize on how to continue to help our clients and began by delivering wigs and meeting online. Through a very gracious offer and donation from The Shade Store, curtains were made and installed creating a private, outdoor space on the front porch of our office to offer our personalized support in a COVID safe environment. Even while managing the unreliable weather, clients were so happy to be receiving their wig and connect with their Wig Advisor, there was warmth at every appointment. And a portable heater helped too! TWE was the one in-person program we have been able to keep going the past two years.

"From the moment I stepped onto the porch of SOUL RYEDERS, I felt right at home. My Wig Advisor made me feel so comfortable. I felt like we were old friends."

Through each wig appointment we are providing a unique opportunity for emotional support while at the same time easing the stress of hair loss during cancer. We are honored to be connected with each individual who has benefited from The Wig Exchange and look forward to sharing more highlights on this program throughout the coming year!

If you know of someone receiving treatment that is in need of a wig, please share this link with them so they can contact us and we can offer our support. We are ready, willing, and very able to help them!


Thank you for being part of our community,

Susan Marynowski
The Wig Exchange Manager

"I had a wonderful meeting with my Wig Advisor today. She was patient, informative, and friendly. I am very pleased with the wig I chose and so is my husband! Now I feel confident that when I am well enough to go out, I can go out with my hair looking good. What a relief! Thank you so much for this much needed service."

Our actions today - even small ones - can set off a domino effect of change. When we think about how we prioritize our lives, we think about how people in our lives can lift us during our own down days. YOU can be one of those people for those we serve going through a cancer diagnosis.



Celebrate SOUL RYEDERS: An event to honor Sandy Samberg

Celebrate SOUL RYEDERS: An Event to Honor Sandy Samberg: Join us Saturday, April 30th for a night of live music, food trucks and open bar. More details and to RSVP



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Be Involved with SOUL RYEDERS

Volunteers are an invaluable resource to SOUL RYEDERS. Opportunities exist for making care package deliveries and many other projects. Volunteer Week in February. Open to all ages. Sign up here.

Be Involved with SOUL RYEDERS

SOUL RYEDERS is here to provide resources and emotional support to those affected by cancer and those who support them every day. We are able to do this because we have dedicated donors like you. Make a donation today. 



Be Involved with SOUL RYEDERS

Do you know a high school or college student who would like to give back to their community? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rachel Felenstein at rachel@soulryeders.org, to learn more about volunteer opportunities for the spring and summer. Need community service hours? 

Celebrate SOUL RYEDERS: An Event Honoring Sandy Samberg

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