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SOUL RYEDERS Quarterly Newsletter: Fall 2021

Dear Community,

This is a time of uncertainty. We know it, we feel it, we live it every day. Collectively we are experiencing world events and feverishly trying to figure out how they relate to our personal and professional lives. At SOUL RYEDERS, we have utilized this time as an opportunity to hone in on what matters most: our clients and caregivers come first.

The personalized support SOUL RYEDERS provides to our clients
 has never been more important.

With their health and safety in mind, as well as that of our entire community, each member of the Leadership Team is fully vaccinated and we have a set of COVID-19 Policies and Procedures that is updated and refined continuously as we learn more from scientific sources. We are committed to continuing and enhancing our virtual programming, including many effective ways for direct one-on-one and group support.

Our Leadership Team and Board of Directors have always been outstanding, but since early 2020, when an enhanced level of leadership was required, they stepped up to provide advice and institute new creative ways to reach those we serve. These last 18 months have shown just how important it is to have the right people in place. I encourage you to take a moment to click on the link above and learn more about these incredible individuals. 

SOUL RYEDERS Care Packages

A Recent SOUL RYEDERS Care Package Delivery

This organization would not function as it does today without the hundreds of volunteers who support our mission each year. While we had our heads down shifting everything online last year, our volunteers, in lockdown, reached out to use to say they were ready to help. In the beginning, when we couldn't be in person, our creative and thoughtful volunteers made masks and wrote thank you cards to health workers. These efforts evolved to client care package deliveries and donated items included in the care packages - endlessly heartwarming and essential additions to the work we do. 

Our actions today - even small ones - can set off a domino effect of change. When we think about how we prioritize our lives, we think about how people in our lives can lift us during our own down days. YOU are one of those people for those we serve going through a cancer diagnosis.

This is our introductory Quarterly Newsletter. We hope to provide a deeper window into our work so you can continue to be proud of your connection with SOUL RYEDERS. Take a look below for highlights coming over the next few months and some resources we thought you would enjoy.

This fall, I want to remind you that while outside forces may feel uncertain, you make a difference by being part of the SOUL RYEDERS community.

Be safe and be well,

Heidi Kitlas
Interim Executive Director

SOUL RYEDERS TieTheTownPink Campaign


Our 8th Annual TieTheTownPink campaign pledges to adorn the towns of Rye, Rye Neck, Harrison, Rye Brook, the Byram Hills Community and surrounding towns with pink ribbons on October 1st. Each ribbon symbolizes the support our community offers to ANYONE affected by ANY TYPE OF CANCER and the importance of regular preventative screenings. 

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